Officer Benefits

RunMyClubʼs exclusive web-based membership tool will save you and your members time and eliminate the aggravations relative to managing an association.

Provides At-A-Glance summaries

  • Pending Applications & Renewals awaiting dues payment or administrative approval
  • Upcoming Membership Expirations
  • New Memberships
  • Upcoming Events
  • Online Financial Transactions
  • Address Book Counts by standing (Member or Non-Member)

Stores repeatedly used organization-specific information and system settings that control how RunMyClub functions for each individual organization

  • Organization and Officer Contact information used in automated emails & notices
  • Content for automated emails & notices
  • Organization Preferences
  • Required Fields for Members & Non-Members
  • Membership Types
    • Name & Description
    • Initiation Fee and/or Dues
    • Duration/Expiration
    • Expiration Email (Content & Delivery Schedule)

Simplifies/Consolidates Event Management

  • Enter Event information ONE time in ONE location for use on Calendar, Invitation, Registration Confirmation and Reminder Email
  • Event Type
    • Regular - Organization meeting or event
    • Informational - Calendar Item for which registration is not conducted via RunMyClub
    • Webinar - Online via URL, no physical location
  • Event Name, Short- & Long-Descriptions
  • Date(s) and Start Time
  • Registration Deadline
  • Event Location and/or URL
  • Payment Methods
    • Credit Card Online
    • Payment “at the door”
  • Pricing
    • Member
    • Member Guests
    • Non-Members
    • Special/Promotion
  • Customized emails
    • Invitation
    • Registration Confirmation
    • Attendance Reminder
  • Speaker details
  • Meal selections
  • Event visibility (whether on member and/or Public Calendar)
  • Guest registration requirements
  • Event capacity settings
  • Save/Edit Events in draft (unpublished) form
  • Copy Past Event and change only select details

Allows you to Manage & Communicate with Members, Committees & Non-Members (announcements, newsletters, etc.)

  • Search for Contact (Members/Non-Members) Data
    • Name (first and/or last)
    • Home or business information (street, city, state, zip, company name, etc.)
    • Customized Drop-down fields
    • Contact Status (Administrator, Member, Non-Member, Pending Member)
    • Membership Type
  • Create Communication Groups (committees, officers, board, special interest groups, etc.)
  • Export data
  • Create/Send/Address Broadcast Messages (emails)

Allows you to manage manage website content

  • Organization Public Pages (Home, About Us, Membership, etc.) - OPTIONAL
  • RunMyClub Public Pages
    • Event Calendar
    • Resources
      • Links of Interest
      • Document Management
      • News
      • Jobs
      • Resumes
  • Member-Only Pages
    • Home/Welcome Message: What a Member sees when the login to the Member-Only area
    • Resources
      • Links of Interest
      • Document Management
      • News
      • Jobs
      • Resumes

Allows you to process Credit Card Transactions

  • Payments (other than a Membership or Event Registration)
  • Refunds

Gives you access Organizational Reports

  • Directories (Full, showing ALL contact information, or Standard, showing information based on each Member's Profile Preferences)
  • History of credit card charges processed on organization's behalf via RunMyClub during a user-specified date range
  • Contact listing by user-specified contact status (Member/Non-Member, Administrator or Pending)
  • Past or upcoming Member Renewals or Expirations by a user-specified date range


Product Features

Membership Management

Members and non-members have easy access to information and can join, renew or pay for membership online. You can automatically distribute invoices, charges and confirmations.

Event Management

You can send customized e-vites to all events and offer online registration, meal selection and payment options to attendees. You may also access real-time attendee rosters and print accurate name tags for each event.

Member Communication

Members and non-members receive monthly updates, invitations and promos that you easily create and send them from a single address book. You may also track statistics for all communications – seeing who opens emails, signs up for events and more.

Additional Information

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