Think Green!

RunMyClub helps you run a "Green" business and save money.

Eliminates tons of Paper

  • No more printing membership application or renewal forms.
  • Reduce Paper Waste: Online Membership Directory eliminates the need for printed directories.
  • RunMyClub's online registration system abides by the electronic signature act of 2000.
  • After your member completes the membership application or renewal, or event registration, they receive an email confirmation of the transaction.
  • RunMyClub stores the transaction record electronically within each member's profile in the system.
  • Anytime your members want to see your current policies, they can login to the RunMyClub portal and review them.
  • When members pay online, they receive an electronic receipt.
  • Easily email to entire database, members only, non-members only, specific membership types, or other communication groups.

Saves lots of Gas

  • No need to drive to an office or centralized location to access the software... it's available 24x7x365 via the Internet.
  • 24-7-365¬†system access for an unlimited number of board members/executive staff from anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • Allows an organization to continue to recruit and retain volunteers from anywhere without travel necessary.

Product Features

Membership Management

Members and non-members have easy access to information and can join, renew or pay for membership online. You can automatically distribute invoices, charges and confirmations.

Event Management

You can send customized e-vites to all events and offer online registration, meal selection and payment options to attendees. You may also access real-time attendee rosters and print accurate name tags for each event.

Member Communication

Members and non-members receive monthly updates, invitations and promos that you easily create and send them from a single address book. You may also track statistics for all communications – seeing who opens emails, signs up for events and more.

Additional Information

Download Our PDF Document

For additional information on our products and services download our PDF Overview.