With RunMyClub, youʼll have more time to develop programs for current members, create incentives for new prospects, and build a stronger overall organization for everyone.

RunMyClub is the affordable online member and event management solution for clubs, association chapters, and member-based organizations, providing robust tools with your needs in mind for promoting events, managing membership data, communicating with contacts, website content management, and automating the event registration process. RunMyClub offers a customized solution tailored to your organization’s needs.

Initial Setup Features

  • Unlimited broadcast emails
  • Unlimited credit card transactions
  • Unlimited number of events per month
  • Unlimited number of administrators
  • Unlimited number of contacts
  • Initial Design Integration
  • Member self maintenance module
  • Data import using standard format
  • Free data exports in CSV format
  • Officer Training
  • Customer Support
  • No long-term contract

Our initial design integration provides you the opportunity to have your organization’s brand and colors represented on your RunMyClub pages for a seamless transition from your existing website.

Monthly Member Usage Fees

  • Up to 50 - $50/month
  • 51 to 100 - $70/month
  • 101 to 150 - $90/month
  • 151 to 250 - $120/month
  • 251 to 500 - $140/month
  • 501 to 750 - $150/month
  • 751 to 1000 - $175/month
  • 1001 to 2000 - $200/month
  • 2001 and up - $250/month

Monthly Usage Fees apply to members only. Non-Members contact information is stored FREE of charge. The Monthly Usage Fees include Member Management, Event Management, and Broadcast Communication.

Transaction Fee

  • Per Transaction $0.50

We charge a per Dues Payment and Event Registration transaction fee. This applies to credit-card and non-credit card transactions.


Hosted Design Service Packages

After making your all-important decision to run with us, you must decide what type of runner you would like to be:

The Novice Level – This inexperienced runner can begin using club management software with everything necessary to adequately manage and grow the organization. No frills. Just the RunMYClub basics.

The Inspired Level – This runner can take advantage of a few more extras to run the organization. While not quite fully loaded, the Inspired Level allows this organization to operate a notch above the Novice.

The Elite Level – This highly competitive and motivated runner wants all the tools available to run ahead of the pack. This totally tricked-out package provides it.

Novice - $195

  • Content Management Integration
  • Reflective Site Wrap
  • Free Functionality Updates
  • Hosting - $24.95/month

You gotta start somewhere, and that's what this package offers. You can learn along the way. RunMyClub experts can show you the ropes of our software's capabilities while giving you the ability to set your own pace.

Inspired - $699

  • Content Management Integration
  • Free Functionality Updates
  • Fully Customized Look and Feel
  • Customized Personal Homepage
  • Social Bookmark Integration
  • 2 Dynamic CMS Templates
  • Hosting - $24.95/month

So, you're inspired to notch up the power a bit on your organization’s solution. This level offers the services and functionality to cover the basics and to set you apart from your competition.

Elite - $1499

  • Content Management Integration
  • Free Functionality Updates
  • Fully Customized Look and Feel
  • Fully Customized Personal Pages
  • Fully Customized Homepage
  • Social Bookmark Integration
  • Interactive Design & Development
  • Up to 5 Dynamic Content Areas
  • 4 Dynamic CMS Templates
  • Hosting - $24.95/month

Are you someone who won't settle for less? With the services and functionality offered at this level, you can sprint ahead of the pack and set the standard.


Website Reflection or Template Wrap Without Hosting - $295

RunMyClub offers a basic setup solution if you already have a website, or have a third party designing/hosting your site. With this setup we would wrap the RunMuClub pages to reflect and transition seamlessly with your existing website. This option only pertains to the clients that are not interested in having our hosting services.


Merchant Account & Payment Gateway Setup

RunMyClub offers a merchant account with free setup and a flat 4.75% transaction amount fee. If you already have a merchant account that is compatible with (link), we can integrate your existing account with RunMyClub. If you're interested in purchasing a merchant account, don’t sweat it. We can assist you with that, as well. The choice is always yours. Click Here and apply for your account today!



Additional Information

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