Web-based software vs. PC / Mac "installed" software

95% of our clients came from PC / Mac based software and would never go back to a non-web-based system and here's why:

  • No more software installation and backup processes - ever
  • No more individual workstation software updates
  • No more need to perform database maintenance
  • No more limits to where you can work from – as long as you have Internet access - you are connected to your information
  • No more necessity to back up your business critical database every day
  • No more worries about the quality of your backup
    (RunMyClub data is backed up in a data center using state-of-the-art technology to protect its database and servers.)
  • No more worries about the security of your clients’ sensitive data (credit card and bank accounts)
  • No more merging reports. Multi-location clubs easily view real-time organizational level reports
  • No limits to where Staff can login and view their events. They can see their events from any Internet browser
  • No need to be in your office to send emails to members. You can login and easily send emails from anywhere
  • Easily send emails to members from anywhere
  • No need for expensive server hardware or maintenance
  • No worries about the impact a computer failure would have to your organization

RunMyClub is the best choice for a busy professional who also manages an organization.

Benefits of Web-based Software to You

Hosted Solution

RunMyClub hosts the application and data for you. This means you don't need a costly IT staff and services and you don't need to buy any software. We host everything, so you need only point your browser to RunMyClub and go – from anywhere. Because we can spread the cost of a highly available infrastructure across many clients, you get the savings and the security of knowing its always available when you need it.

Risk Free Uptime Guarantee

System availability is important! We know you rely on RunMyClub every day so we invest in making our uptime as high as possible - in fact – our system uptime is even higher than the 99.6% uptime guarantee that we make to you. With redundancy, 24/7 monitoring, and fault tolerant engineering, our network infrastructure is designed to handle your mission-critical business application needs every day of every year. We plan maintenance and upgrade processes for weekends to avoid any impact it could have to the system during the business week when user activity is highest. We always send advanced notice to your organization’s primary RunMyClub administrator of any planned system downtime.

Safe Enough for Banks

Your data is your biggest asset and your business relies on it every day. Whether picking a client/server or hosted solution, you need to make sure the daily operations of the system are sufficiently resourced and managed in a way that secures your data and ensures that it is always recoverable. You can sleep easily at night knowing your data on our servers is in the same data center where large banks keep their servers with much more security, management and fail-safe measures than you could afford to have in your own building.

Highly Secure

The security of your data is of utmost importance to us. Our hosting centers include fully redundant, state-of-the-art denial-of-service firewalls and SSL acceleration hardware to give the same performance whether you connect under regular or SSL encryption mode. RunMyClub contains numerous system administrator controls to restrict access to data and functionality. All access to the RunMyClub system requires user authentication, which is done under the industry standard 1024-bit encryption, and the data is fully secured on protected servers.

Safe Backup

RunMyClub has a strict backup regimen that ensures your data’s constant protection. Multiple backups are run every day – and to-date – we can proudly say that our customers have never had to rely on them. Even in the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure, there's no need to worry about your data.

“RunMyClub keeps the organization’s needs from distracting me from my job responsibilities and gives me the tools and flexibility to help the organization grow without interrupting my business.” - RMC Client

Product Features

Content Management

You can keep members coming back with fresh content that can be easily updated on your site from anywhere, anytime – without knowing complex web applications or understanding HTML.

Custom Web Design

You can leverage the skills of RunMyClub designers to create a website for you using your logo, corporate colors and style. RunMyClub delivers sites that impress even the most discerning members.

Additional Information

Download Our PDF Document

For additional information on our products and services download our PDF Overview.