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Manager, Public Affairs
Cox Communications
Type: Full-Time
Posted: 10/24/2018
Recruiting Manager
Acadian Companies
Type: Full-Time
Posted: 10/24/2018
Vice President of Human Resources
Hulin Health, LLC
Type: Full-Time
Posted: 9/28/2018
Human Resources Specilist I
MidSouth Bank
Type: Full-Time
Posted: 9/21/2018
HR Administrator
Company Confidential
Type: Full-Time
Posted: 9/21/2018
Human Resources Director
ATC Group Services
Type: Full-Time
Posted: 9/21/2018
HR Benefits Specialist
Type: Full-Time P
Posted: 8/24/2018
Tobacco Treatment Coordinator - Commit to Quit Be Tobacco Free Program
Company: Cardiovascular Institute of the South Salary Range:
Job Type: Full-Time 90 days Location: Lafayette, LA
United States
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Job Description
The Tobacco Treatment Coordinator assists in planning, implementing, coordinating, and evaluating tobacco treatment counseling providing holistic and professional care to their clients. Specifically, the Smoking Cessation Counselor will be focusing his/her professional skills on patients that have enrolled, or are considering enrolling, in the CIS Smoking Cessation Program.

The primary duties of this Tobacco Treatment Coordinator position are to assist the Tobacco Treatment Team Leader in implementing the smoking and tobacco use cessation services in accordance with his/her knowledge base, experience, competence, and within the scope of practice defined by guidelines established by CIS and their affiliated professional boards. In regards to Smoking Cessation, the Tobacco Treatment Coordinator professional skills are to be utilized to assist patients in smoking and tobacco use cessation.
Other specific duties include:
1. Manage the day-to-day needs of the cessation services in each of the designated region’s clinics.
2. Coordinate with Team Leader and Outreach Associate to enhance community presence and meet outreach expectations for program.
3. Assist Team Leader with reporting program outcomes specifically for cessation services in each of the designated region’s clinics.
4. Patient follow up including telephonic contact, program enrollments, assisting with appointment scheduling, coordinating with insurance verification, handling medical records, data collection and entry, etc

1. Provide smoking and tobacco use cessation counseling services to CIS patients.
2. Provide smoking and tobacco use cessation counseling sessions in a group setting for a minimum of two days a week as needed at various CIS clinics and offsite locations. Locations, days, and times for the group counseling sessions will be determined by the needs of the patient(s). It is expected to have a minimum of 1-2 cessation classes weekly after business hours (5:30) as requested by a patient (group size TBD).
3. Provide individual counseling at various CIS locations and offsite locations for patients enrolled in the tobacco treatment program. Counseling sessions can occur face-to-face with the patients as well as via telephone. Counselor will follow approved CIS counseling process, CIS Behavior Modification counseling manual and electronic documentation.
4. Complete outreach efforts to promote CIS Commit to Quit Program. Expected to have a minimum of 1-2 outreach events per quarter outside of regular business hours to meet the community demands.
5. Provide leadership and serve as a primary resource for the CIS Tobacco Treatment program.
6. Compile and provide statistical presentations demonstrating counseling visits by a provider, group, and individual counseling. Counselor will regulate and report quit-smoking results.

1. Complete monthly outreach summary report.
2. Verify the Eligibility of Benefits for the group and individual counseling sessions for those patients utilizing smoking cessation benefits provided by the Smoking Cessation Trust.
3. Document subjective, objective, and assessed clinical findings in the counseling progress notes so that all members of the health care team may treat patients holistically.
4. Complete all necessary and required documentation for each patient encounter.
5. Provide/Submit pertinent information to program assistant, clerical personnel and Team Leader concerning insurance verification and billing for services rendered.

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