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RunMyClub FAQs

Members can access additional resources by logging in to the member only section of the site.

 Q:  Who is RunMyClub? I thought I was on the Hudson Union Society site.
 A:  RunMyClub is an online member and event management solution that helps officers in clubs, associations, and organizations communicate with their member base.

RunMyClub provides the underlying web service that enables you to pay for Hudson Union Society membership dues and event registrations online. For more information on RunMyClub, visit their website at
 Q:  Is RunMyClub a replacement for the Hudson Union Society website?
 A:  No. RunMyClub functions as an extension of the website. While RunMyClub is a separate entity, it is totally integrated with our website through links.
 Q:  How secure is the RunMyClub system?
 A:  Very! We employ advanced encryption technologies from Thawte to encrypt all credit card and personal data transacted via our system. Even though RunMyClub uses credit card number to provide e-commerce functionality, we do not store full credit card numbers in our database. In addition, very few employees within our company actually have access to the important contact information you provide.
 Q:  Will RunMyClub sell or use my data?
 A:  No. RunMyClub will not rent or sell your personal information to anyone. RunMyClub will not use personal information collected during registrations for solicitations. RunMyClub does not collect any personal information for its own use, but rather passes the information provided during the registration process to our client organization.

Please note that your organization may have their own policy regarding use of member information, and is not governed by the RunMyClub policy above. Please contact your organization if you have questions regarding their handling of member information. If you have further questions regarding RunMyClub privacy practices, please send email to
 Q:  What can I do on the Hudson Union Society site?
 A:  Through RunMyClub, you can sign up and pay for meetings and events online, view the Hudson Union Society member directory (if available), update your own directory information, and renew and pay for your membership dues to the Hudson Union Society. Be sure to check out our Resources page for additional features.
 Q:  How do I set up my Member Profile?
 A:  First you must be a member of our organization. If you are a member go to the login page. From the Member Home Page, Click on "Profile" and you will see a menu of profile options. These are: Personal Information, Home Information, Business Information, Contact Preferences, and Public Profile. Click on any of these options to set up your profile. Be sure to click on the "Update" button at the bottom of every page to save your information.
 Q:  Can I change my RunMyClub username and password?
 A:  You may change your password, but not your username. To change your password, log in to RunMyClub via the login page. Once you have logged in, you will see your Member Homepage. Click on "My Profile" to update your profile. There, you have the option to change your password. If you want your username changed, please contact the Hudson Union Society.
 Q:  How do I register for events and meetings online?
 A:  You may sign up for events two ways: (1) you will receive an email inviting you to participate in the event. The email will give you instructions for registration and payment; (2) log on via the "Member Login" button on the Hudson Union Society website. Click on "Calendar" at the top of the page. This will take you the Calendar of Events. There, you can click on an event for more information, see who's registered, or register yourself.
 Q:  Do I need to type in credit card information every time I register for an event?
 A:  Yes, for security purposes, RunMyClub does not retain your credit card information.
 Q:  Do I need to type in credit card information every time I register for an event?
 A:  Yes, for security purposes, RunMyClub does not retain your credit card information.

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