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We made it to Beijing
We got up this morning around 6 am and got ready and packed up to head to the airport for our flight to Beijing.  We took a bus and a train ride back to the airport and got there around 9 am.  Hong Kong is a hugh international port facility. Some of the largest John has ever seen. We checked in and thought for sure we would have to pay because our luggage was overweight but they never said a word.  By the time we finally got to the gate we only had an hour or so before we had to board the plane. 

The China Southern plane wasn't that great and the bathroom smelled very bad.  They did serve us lunch on the flight though. It's definitely more than I can say for US Airways.  The food was OK.  I ate the rice and the bread and ate soybeans.  I've never eaten soybeans before.  They were quite good.  Ansley ate her bread but wouldn't eat the spaghetti they gave her because it had sauce on it and the sauce had peas and corn in it.  So she ate bread and chocolate and some corn flakes.  What a combination.  The flight was pretty smooth.  We got some great pictures of Hong Kong from the air during take off. 

We arrived in Beijing around 2 pm and had to get our bags, go through immigration and customs and then met up with our guide, Tom.  There are several other couples that arrived today also and Tom took all of us to our tour bus for the ride to the hotel.  It took about 40 minutes.  Tom told us lots of info about Beijing and he stressed that cars should go first and pedestrians second.  We are staying at the Wang Fu Jing hotel.  It is very nice and our room is a pretty good size.  We have an internet connection in the room which is great.  It's so much easier to update the website from the room rather than having to go to the business center in the hotel.  We had to wait for our bags to arrive.....they didn't come with us on the tour bus.   They just arrived a few minutes ago (it's 5 pm right now).   John, Ken, Don and John (the other John is Susie Knebusch's father) left a while ago to go get bottled water and they haven't come back yet.  So Ansley and I are resting and having some quiet time.   I think we are all going to go out to eat soon and then go find a market that Don Knebusch was telling us about.   I'll probably update the site again once we get back tonight.    We are behind in getting the pictures off the digital camera so we will try to do that tonight too so we can post more of them.  

Not long now before we get Elisabeth!  Ansley is getting very excited and can't wait to see her!


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