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The moment we've all been waiting for.....Elisabeth!!

We arrived in Changsha around 1:30 this afternoon and got to the hotel around 2:30 or so.  We had to meet back down in the lobby at 4 pm to go to the Civil Affairs office to get Elisabeth.  We had enough time to unpack our suitcases and for me to unpack my diaper bag/backpack and repack it with Elisabeth's stuff.  At 4 pm we headed for the Civil Affairs office to pick up Elisabeth.  It is about a 15 minute ride from the hotel.  We arrived and went to the 3rd floor and walked in the room and there were 4 babies, each being held by a different person.  At first it was hard to tell which one was Elisabeth but once we saw her we were pretty sure she was the one.  She is adorable!  She came to us with no problems and never cried.  She was very serious and we couldn't make her smile or laugh.  She just stared at us (mainly Ansley) and wasn't exactly sure what to do.  The orphanage sent a bottle with her so we fed her that and gave her some toys to play with.  I think she's getting ready to get some teeth so she was chewing on everything.....including my passport!  The orphanage also gave us a bag of formula and rice cereal that she is used to eating.  They gave us a photo album with a few recent pictures of her and gave us the disposable camera that we sent them about a month and a half ago.   I think they used all the film so we are going to try and find a place to have it developed while we are here. 

We were back at the hotel around 5:20 so we didn't have to stay at the Civil Affairs office very long.  We came back and gave her a bath.  She loved the water.  She played and splashed in it.  Then we put some new clothes on her and played for a little while and then headed for dinner.  She had some eggs mixed with rice and a bottle for dinner.  I switched her to Enfamil right away and she was fine with it.  She didn't seem to mind that it was a whole new formula.  Ansley helped bathe her and feed her the bottle and is having fun playing with her.   She is being a great big sister and a good helper too!

We came back to the room around 7:30 and Ansley, Elisabeth and I hung out and played while John went upstairs to fill out paperwork that we will need for our appointment at the Civil Affairs office tomorrow.  We have to go back and pay fees, etc.  Our appointment is at 10 am tomorrow.  I don't think there is anything else planned tomorrow which is nice.  It will be nice to just relax for a day.  There's a market right down from the hotel where we bought bottled water and jars of baby food.  We'll have to go back there tomorrow to get more water because I used a lot of it tonight to wash the bottles with.

It's time for bed so I must go.  Elisabeth went right to sleep.  She's had a busy day and is exhausted.  She's congested so she's making a snoring noise when she sleeps.  We gave her some medicine as soon as we got back to the room and will continue to do so.  Hopefully the congestion will clear up in a day or so.

Stephanie Barfield and Mindy Baxter.....if you're reading this:  It's sooo worth the wait.  Don't get discouraged.  Your time will come and it will be so sweet.  I pray that referrals will speed up.  This is a great trip!  You are going to love it!  We truly appreciate all your encouragement and prayers.

I'll write more tomorrow...



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