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A day at the park
We started off at 9:30 am again today and since it wasn't raining Peter took us to the Changsha park.  It is a great place.  It is a little cooler today so I had to put Elisabeth's jacket on and wrap a blanket around her so the ladies in the park wouldn't scold me for exposing her skin.  One lady did get on to me a little bit about Ansley being in short sleeves and shorts. 

The park was great.  We saw people dancing, playing cards and playing music.  Everyone came up to see the babies.   Ansley fed the fish and even went fishing in a little "pond" they had set up for the kids.  There were lots of little fish and the kids were able to scoop them out with a net.  When they were done they put them back in the pond.  The kids thought it was great.

We stayed in the park for a few hours and went to an art place that had embroidery, scrolls, chops, calligraphy, etc.  We bought a bunch of stuff.  We bought chops with each of our names in Chinese.  A chop is a stamp with your name on it.  We bought 2 folk art for each of the girls.  We bought a scroll with artwork on it for us and 2 scrolls for the girls, each with their name on it in in Chinese.  We bought Elisabeth a bracelet and a bib that has a rooster on it.  2005 was the year of the rooster.  It was a neat store.

We came back to the hotel for lunch.  We had pizza for lunch.  It wasn't exactly like our pizza but it tasted good and it wasn't rice so that alone makes it great!

We had our laundry done today.  I think we sent out 26 pieces and it cost $34.00.  Peter had a local place do it rather than the hotel.  The hotel is very expensive.  I think we will have to send out our laundry one more time before the trip is over with. 

The girls are sleeping right now and I think when they wake up we are going to head out with the Knebusch's and find a local market and then maybe go to KFC for dinner.  Mashed potatoes are sounding really good to me right now!

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