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Along the riverside

It is hazy again today but at least it isnít raining. I donít think weíve seen blue skies the whole time weíve been here. Since it didnít rain today, Peter took us to a park that is alongside the river that runs through Changsha. We walked along the river and stopped here and there to see the flowers, statues and nice views. The kids had a good time running around and releasing some energy. We even saw a few people flying kites. The river seemed very dirty. Iím not sure if itís always like that or not. It had a lot of trash or something floating in it today. Elisabeth slept the whole time at the park which is what she did yesterday also. Usually when we go out in the mornings itís in the middle of her nap time. She sleeps a lot. She only wakes up once each night (usually at 4 am) and then has been getting up around 7:30 am. So weíre not losing much sleep each night. Yay!
After the park we stopped by a childrenís store. They sold baby food, toys, clothing and shoes. We bought Ansley a shirt and bought Elisabeth 2 pairs of shoesÖ.a pair of sandals and a pair of squeaky shoes. The sizes are completely different here so itís hard to tell what to buy. We bought the squeaky shoes a little big so maybe they will fit by the time she starts walking.

Peter arranged for us to have fish and chips for lunch. It was pretty good. Of course Ansley didnít like them and only ate the fries. She is going to turn into a french fry before itís all over with! I canít wait to get her home and get her some food with a little more nutrition. Elisabeth still isnít eating much congee and screams when drinking her bottle. We canít figure out why. Donít these kids come with instruction manuals? Someone forgot to give us our copy. J We tried putting a little bit of sugar in her formula today since thatís the way they do it at the orphanage. It helped a little but it kills me to have to do it. Sugar in a bottle just isnít good for them. But if it helps her drink the bottle then thatís OK for now. Weíll wean her off the sugar later. She is a chubby little thing and seems content with as little food as sheís eating. She has been tugging at her ears and screaming when she eats from the bottle so we hope the antibiotic we are giving her helps clear up her congestion and helps with her fussiness. We gave her some Tylenol last night also and that seemed to help. I think she might be getting some teeth soon so that could be causing some of the problem also. She likes to watch Ansley and smiles when she acts goofy and silly. We are slowly getting more and more smiles from her. Overall I think sheís adjusted well considering all the changes that have happened to her in the last few days.

On the way back to the hotel today we saw a man crossing the street holding a stick with a huge (very very long!) snake wrapped around it. Iím pretty sure the snake was dead. Iím guessing it might be for dinner tonight. Iím glad we werenít invited to his house to eat!! If it moves it gets eaten here. ReallyÖ.I mean it. We went to the Walmart supercenter last night and the meat department was something to see. Ken Knebusch was asked to put his camera away so we didnít get any pictures. John took some video of it though. I mean how can you not? There were snakes, eels, squid and the most interesting thing was the bin full of frogs. They were alive and they were huge! There were hundreds of them in this bin with tongs hanging on the bin. You could pick the one you wanted and pluck him right out and take him home. Yummy.

We took a taxi to the Walmart last night. That was interesting in itself. Me, Ansley and Elisabeth sat in the back seat and John sat in the front with the driver. I couldnít look out the front. I just looked to the side. It was scary to look straight ahead. This taxi driver scared me to death. The Knebuschís were in the taxi ahead of us and they saw a motor scooter run into the back of a car and fall over. The guy got up, brushed himself off and kept going. I know Iíve mentioned it in other posts but Iím still amazed at the traffic and the lack of traffic rules. Itís crazy out there! We shopped at Walmart for a little while and then had dinner at McDonalds. Boy was it good. Ansley ate all her food and even got ice cream afterwards.

This afternoon we are going with our guide to a local photography studio to see about having the girls pictures made. It isnít cheap so we arenít sure if we are going to do it or not. But we said we would take a look and see what they have to offer.

Then Peter is taking us to a local restaurant to eat. So far weíve eaten every meal at the hotel. He does that the first few days so itís convenient and easier with the babies. Once everyone has adjusted a bit then he starts taking us to some local restaurants. He might take some of us to get foot and body massages tonight or one day later this week. They are very cheap so a lot of us are interested in doing it.

Iíve got to run. Everyone is taking a nap except me and itís almost time to meet Peter in the lobby to go to the photography studio. Bye Ė


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