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Embroidery Factory
It was a rainy, very cold day in Changsha today.  Very windy and very cold.  We were all in jeans, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.  I am not prepared for it being so cold.  I don't have any long sleeve shirts or pants for Elisabeth.   We had to go down to the baby store (2 doors down from the hotel) to buy 2 long sleeve outfits.  It isn't the cheapest store but you pay the price when you're desperate! 

Today we went to an embroidery factory.  We toured the museum area and then went to the room where the ladies were working.  It is amazing.  They create beautiful works of art.  There are even some patterns that have a design (such as a panda) on one side and then a completely different design (a tiger) on the other side.  I don't know how they do it.  There were some shops at the end where we could purchase embroidery.  They had things there in every price range.  It was a neat place.  We really enjoyed it.  Our digital camera battery ran out of power so we didn't get any digital pictures this morning.  We took some video and took pictures with the 35 mm camera.  So unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the factory to post on the website.  Sorry!

That took all morning and then we came back to the hotel for lunch.  Peter arranged for us to have wonton soup today.  It doesn't taste like the local restaurant at home but it was very good.  Ansley didn't eat any of it.  John and Chip took a walk to the KFC after lunch and got Ansley and Rob some chicken nuggets and fries.  They ate every nugget!  They were very hungry.

John and I both took a nap today when the girls took a nap.  We were tired today.  I don't know if it's the rainy weather or what.  I usually do this post while they are taking a nap but Elisabeth was screaming and I picked her up and was holding her on the bed and the next thing I knew I was asleep too. 

Elisabeth ate a little better this afternoon.  We reverted back to only using the formula that they used in the orphanage and discovered that she likes it warm instead of room temperature.  I guess we'll give her that formula for a while and then slowly start adding the Enfamil back in it.  This eating thing has been the most frustrating part for me.  It's like a huge guessing game.  She wasn't quite as fussy today as she was yesterday though and we got more smiles out of her today so that's a good thing.  We are still giving her the antibiotic and congestion medicine.  I'm worried about how she is going to do on the plane Monday if she is still congested.  Please pray that she will get better each day and will do well on the plane.

We ate at a restaurant across the street tonight.  The food there is very good.  Ansley only ate rice and french fries.  Gee,  what a surprise. 

After dinner Peter drove some of us to go get an hour massage at a local place.  Some of the group went last night (John went last night) and I went with the group tonight.  It's like no massage you'll ever get in the States.  It's worth doing once.  They massage your head, your forehead, eyebrows, arms, feet and toes (they really focus on the feet and toes) and your legs.  I think they did my shoulders a little bit too.  You get to soak your feet in really hot water and it feels so good.  I've never had a massage on my feet quite like it before!  A few of the things they did kind of hurt!  And they talk and laugh amongst each other while they are massaging everyone and you know they are talking and laughing about us!  We just don't know what they are saying!  I think it was only $8 or $9 US.  Not a bad deal for an hour. 

A few things I was thinking of for those of you that are going to be traveling to Changsha shortly:

*There are clotheslines in every hotel that we've stayed at so you don't need to bring your own. 
*There's a baby store 2 doors down from the hotel that has Avent bottles, some diapers, some clothes, etc if you need something.
*The Walmart is only a short taxi ride away from the hotel and they have diapers (Pampers, Huggies), wipes and baby formula.  They have Enfamil and Similac there if you need it.  
*I would recommend you bring enough diapers and formula (if you are going to switch over) to last for a few days if not more.  We didn't go to the Walmart for 2 or 3 days after we got here. 
*There aren't many plugs in the room and we couldn't get to the one behind the chair very well so we plugged the iron into the plug in the bathroom.  Huge mistake!!!  Don't do this!  There were sparks and smoke and we just about started a fire.  Only plug in the hot pot and the hairdryer into the bathroom plug.  :-)
*We brought our laptop and have an internet connection in our room.  You can pay by the hour or by the day.  I think it's only $8 per day.  It's not too bad.  They also have a business center here but we never use it since we have the laptop in the I can't tell you much about it or what it offers.

That's all I can think of right now.  I'm sure I'll think of more later.   Good night.....


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