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Changsha museum

This morning we went to the Changsha museum for a few hours.  It was a little rainy this morning and still a little chilly (but not as cold as yesterday!).  Peter took us through the museum and told us about the highlights and then we were on our own for 40 minutes or so.  We wandered around and then went to the gift shop and found a book of Changsha that has lots of photos in it.  We wanted a book that told the history and other info about Changsha but Peter said those were very hard to find in English.  So we'll just have to settle with the book of pictures instead. We bought a piece of laquerware at the gift shop.  I have a piece from Russia on our bookshelf at home so I thought this piece could sit on the bookshelf with it. 

The museum houses a 2100 year old corpse of a woman.  She's lovely.  There's a picture of her below.  Her hair isn't real.  It's a wig.  She has quite an expression on her face.  All her organs were on display too.  I decided to spare you those pictures.  They aren't very pretty.  You can just imagine what they look like. 

Elisabeth still is refusing to eat and we have to force her to take her bottle.  She has so much congestion in her throat and nose that twice today she has eaten and the proceeded to "give it back" to me (to put it nicely).  We've gone through several outfits (both mine and hers) today.  Thank goodness we are sending laundry out again today one last time before coming home next week.  I am going to call the doctor's office at home next week to make an appointment for her sometime soon after we get back.  She's just miserable.

We had hamburgers today for lunch.  They were pretty good.  They were well done inside but all I could think of the whole time I was eating it was Shauna Sigmon's story of the couple in Ethiopia that got sick off eating a hamburger at the hotel.  Needless to say I couldn't finish the whole hamburger for fear of getting sick.   We are eating at the buffet in the hotel tonight.  The buffet for breakfast is really good so hopefully the dinner buffet will be good as well.  I'm hoping they will have something there for Ansley.  She's been eating a lot of Cheerios today.  Today is Chuck's birthday and I think we are going to have a cake for him at dinner.  I'm sure we'll embarass him by singing happy birthday in front of the whole restaurant.  :-)

Elisabeth just woke up from her nap so I've got to run.  I'm going to see if I can get her to eat something. John is taking a nap and Ansley is watching a Barbie DVD.


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