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5/13/06 part 2
After Elisabeth woke up from her nap we went to the childrens play room on the 6th floor of the hotel. It's mainly for toddlers but there were a few things in there for Ansley to do also.  She has cabin fever from being in the hotel so much and not having a good place to run and expend energy.  She is bouncing off the walls.  I think being in a hotel room with 3 girls is really starting to get to John!  :-)  It's hard living with 3 princesses.   We made Ansley run laps around the room to get a little bit of energy out! 

We had dinner at the buffet restaurant in the hotel tonight.  It was good.  They had fried rice, fried noodles (which are very good), lasagna, fish sticks, tater tots, etc.  It was a good dinner.  Today is Chuck's birthday so we had a cake made for him.  It was delicious!  It's a special birthday that I'm sure he'll never forget.

We went and checked out the pool after dinner.  Ansley wanted to swim so I promised I would go check it out.  There were quite a few people in there and quite a few people sitting on the side just watching.  Of course all heads turned when Ansley and I walked in.  I just wasn't in the mood to come out in my bathing suit and have everyone stare at the 2 white girls in the pool.  I wasn't in the mood for staring this evening.  So instead we talked Ansley into putting on her bathing suit and playing in the shower.  Before this trip Ansley hated the shower and wouldn't take one.  But this hotel doesn't have bathtubs (only baby bathtubs) so she had to take a shower.  Then she discovered she liked it and wants to take one every night.  She had a blast playing in the shower in her bathing suit.  That was an easy compromise.

Tomorrow we are either going to the mountains to get a great view of the city or going to the countryside.  It depends on whether it's a clear day or not.  We haven't seen a clear day since we've been here so I doubt it will happen tomorrow but you just never know. 

We watched CNN tonight and probably shouldn't have.  There's a typhoon headed toward southern China.  Guess where we are going on Monday morning? Ummm.....Southern China!  This isn't good news because that could mean our flight could be delayed or a very bumpy ride.  It would be bad to be delayed because I'm not sure what time our appointment is at the US Consulate in Guangzhou.  I think it's only a 45 minute to an hour flight so at least it won't be long.  Pray for smooth and on time. 

Elisabeth finally drank 4 oz of formula all at one time and in about 15 minutes tonight.  You just don't know what a break through that is.  I have fought and fought with her to drink and get enough in her so she doesn't get dehydrated.  Hopefully tomorrow will be an even better day for her.

It's 10:14 here and my eyes are starting to close.  I must go to bed to you tomorrow.  We have to pack up our stuff tomorrow and if you could see our hotel room you'd laugh.  It's a disaster and we've bought a lot of stuff.  I think we are going back to Walmart tomorrow to buy another suitcase!


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