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We're in Guangzhou!
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Happy Mother's Day
The staff at the hotel told me Happy Mother's Day when we came down for breakfast this morning and when we got back to the room this afternoon there was a flower and a note wishing us a Happy Mother's Day.  The staff at this hotel is very nice.  We have enjoyed our stay.  I'm sad in a way that this is our last day in Changsha.  There is so much here to see but we just don't have enough time.  We aren't able to go to Elisabeth's finding place or visit the place where she lived for the first 9 months of her life.  We will never know where her China parents are from, what they look like or what their names are.  I will never be able to tell her China mommy that her daughter is in a loving home and will be well taken care of.  I wish I could let her know so she could be reassured that leaving her daughter in a public place where she could be found quickly resulted in her being well taken care of and ultimately giving her a home where she will be loved more than she will ever know.  It's kind of sad for me to leave.  We hope to come back some day when Elisabeth can understand and appreciate the culture she came from.  I want her to experience the sights, sounds and smells of China.  It's part of who she is.  I hope she grows up proud to be an American but to also be proud to be Chinese and to appreciate and love where she came from and love the wonderful country that she lives in.

But on the other hand we are very excited to being closer to home.  We can't wait for everyone to meet Elisabeth.  Ansley is ready to show her off and so are we.  She is so so sweet (and beautiful I might add).

Elisabeth is feeling much better today.  It's like she's a new baby.  She's been very happy today and has been eating much more.  She even had some steamed eggs at lunch and has been eating cherrios.  Until now I couldn't get her to eat much of anything.  She is still a little congested in her chest but is much better than the last few days.  She was awake more today and more alert.  She's been babbling and smiling all day. As I type this she is sitting in the stroller beside me playing with some toys and waiting for me to feed her cherrios.  She's just talking away.  We discovered today that she has a bottom tooth that has broken through.  That might have been some of the reason she was fussy this week. 

John and Ansley couldn't take being in the hotel room anymore so they left and took a taxi to McDonalds.  We had fried rice for lunch today and Ansley didn't eat any of it.  She only likes plain rice.  I'm not sure what we are having for dinner but I'm sure she won't eat much of it. 

This morning Peter took us to the new Walmart.  It was a little nicer than the previous one we went to.  The grocery store is on the 1st floor so we went there first.  We bought more Oreos and some Chinese formula.  We wanted an extra bag in case we have trouble weaning her off of it and on to Enfamil.  We went to the meat department and looked at the frogs again.  They also had turtles in this meat department.  I'm not sure if Ansley realizes this isn't the pet department!  There were also bins of little snakes.  They were moving around everywhere.  It made me sick.  I hate snakes.  There was a man there cutting them up and there was blood everywhere.  I couldn't stay there long.  I wanted to take a picture but felt very rude doing so.  I know Ken has pictures so we'll get some from him to show everyone. 

Then we went to the second floor.  We needed to get a suitcase to pack all our stuff in that we bought here in Changsha.  We got a small suitcase that is carry on size for about $15.00.  The lady at the door of the 2nd floor wouldn't let us come in with our backpacks.  It makes no sense.  So John and Chip went in and Wendy and I stayed outside with the kids.  Little did we know if we had gone up the elevator from the grocery store area that no one would have stopped us. Go figure.

It was too hazy today to go to the mountain.  We wouldn't have been able to see the whole city from there today.  It rained this morning so Peter didn't want to go to the countryside because it would be too muddy and we couldn't get out of the bus and walk around.  I was really bummed.  I really wanted to go to the countryside because all we've seen is cities so far.  Instead we drove around the city and then went to another park along the river.  The sun actually came out this afternoon and we could see some blue sky!  It was actually hot outside today.

At dinner tonight we joked and laughed with the restaurant staff.  They are excellent and we have enjoyed their company at each meal.  Peter gave gifts to the babies and even gave gifts to Emma, Ansley and Rob.  He is so nice and has been a great guide.

We packed all our stuff tonight......which was hard.  We have so much stuff!  We have to have the bags outside our room at 5:50 am and we leave the hotel at 6:10 am.  That means we have to get up at 4:00 or so.  Our flight to Guangzhou leaves at 8 am.  It's going to be tough!!  But I can't wait to get there to go shopping! 

We received Elisabeth's Chinese passport today.  Now all we need is her US Visa and then it home to Fort Mill.  I know this post is long today.  I'm going to stop now because we have to get to bed early today since we have to get up before the sun tomorrow.

Good night --


(oh yeah...there's a picture below of the road and a big piece of plywood.  They are carrying this huge piece of plywood on a bicycle.  They will carry anything on a motor scooter or bicycle around here.  Today we saw a guy on a bicycle with a big basket attached to the front and the basket was full of ducks.  Live ducks.  Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to get a picture)

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