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We're in Guangzhou!
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We're in Guangzhou!
Sorry, I know itís been a while since I posted. We woke up Monday morning at 4 am, left the hotel at 6 am and took off at 8 am to Guangzhou. It was a tough morning and very exhausting. We were in a rush and I forgot to fill the thermos with hot water so Elisabethís bottle was room temperature at the airport and she wasnít happy about it at all. She refused to drink it. She fussed and cried in the waiting area and as we boarded the plane. But she fell asleep before we took off and didnít wake up until we landed. The flight was only an hour (thank goodness) from Changsha to Guangzhou. I was so afraid Elisabethís ears would bother her since she has been so congested but she didnít cry at all during take off. Her first plane ride was successful.

As soon as we landed the guide took us to the photo shop to have all the babies pictures made for the medical exam. It only took them 10 minutes or so to develop them and then we were on our way to the hospital for the babies to get checked out by the doctors/nurses. There were 3 sections: physical exam, Ear/Nose/Throat, and Height/Weight/Temperature. She weighs 16.6 lbs which is a pound less than the last update we got before we came to China. I think she lost weight last week when she wasnít eating. But sheís eating better now and should be able to gain it back quickly. You wouldnít know sheís lost any weight though. Sheís got chubby little legs and arms.

We came back to the hotel after the medical exam and got checked in at The White Swan. Itís a beautiful hotel! We came to our room and crashed. The girls were tired and hungry after having been up since 5 am. Me, Ansley and Elisabeth took a nap and poor John had to meet in Alvinís room (heís our guide) to do paperwork. It was paperwork that had to be turned in the next day to the US Consulate in order to get Elisabethís visa. It took about 2 hours to do all the paperwork.

We all went out to dinner and the food wasnít great. I didnít eat much at all. And there was nothing Ansley would eat. So we went to the market and bought Ritz crackers, Oreos and ice cream. What a meal. Ansley is loving eating all the junk food. Iíve never eaten so many Oreos in a 2 week time frame in my life. But they sure are good when youíre hungry!

I was going to write last night but I was too tired to do so and we had to be downstairs for breakfast by 8:15 am the next day Getting up and having to get myself ready and then having to help get Ansley and Elisabeth ready takes longer! Iím not in a routine yet. And itís hard living out of a hotel room. Iíve thoroughly enjoyed our stay in China but Iím looking forward to being home. Hopefully weíll be arriving Friday morning as planned if the typhoon doesnít mess that all up.


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