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We're in Guangzhou!
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Last full day in Guangzhou
It was a rainy day here today.  It was a little chilly but not too bad.  We missed breakfast this morning because we couldn't seem to get ourselves together to make it down there before we had to meet our guide at 10 am. We are so tired!

At 10 am we left for the pearl market.  We bought a few things and got a pearl necklace and bracelet for Ansley.  She is very proud of them.  They are little bitty pearls so they look very cute on her.  We also got Elisabeth a bracelet.  We bought them bigger, nicer pearls (necklace and bracelet) for when they turn 16.  Ansley doesn't know about those. 

Guess what we ate for lunch?  That would be Chinese.  If I have to eat one more bite of Chinese food I'm going to scream.  I don't even want to see it for a while.  I ate rice and rice with a side of rice.  :-)  After lunch we came back to the hotel for a little rest and had to be back downstairs at 2:50 to head to the US Consulate to have our swearing in ceremony and get Elisabeth's US visa.  The consulate is about a 40 minute drive from the hotel.  There must have been 100 families there all at one time (and I think most of them are staying at The White Swan).  We weren't there very long.  We have her visa which is the last thing we need to be able to bring her home. Yay!

Since most families are leaving at 5:30 am in the morning our guide let us pick from a menu of a restaurant called Danny's Bagel.  They have American food.  We ordered pizza and garlic bread and Ansley ordered mac & cheese.  She has really been craving mac & cheese.  She ate a lot of it!  It was good to see her eat alot and get really full.  Our pizzas were very good!  And I think that was the best garlic bread ever!  Since I wasn't feeling well yesterday and missed breakfast today I was really hungry by dinner time tonight.  I am also craving some ice in my drink and some sweet tea.  Pepsi just isn't the same unless it has a lot of ice in it.

After dinner we headed back out to do more shopping.  We won't have time to do any tomorrow so we power shopped tonight!  We wanted to back to the pearl market and over to some of the local shops that are off the island but we just didn't have time to do everything.  I wish we had more time in Guangzhou.  I need one more day.  We bought a lot of stuff in the last 3 days that I don't know how we are going to fit in the suitcases.  We will be packing in the morning and might have to go buy another bag!

Ansley had Elisabeth laughing and laughing today.  Elisabeth laughs at her the most out of all of us. She is kind of goofy. :-)  Her laugh is so cute. 

We leave the hotel at 11:40 tomorrow.  Our flight from Guangzhou to Hong Kong leaves around 2:30 and only takes an hour.  Then our flight from Hong Kong doesn't leave until 10 pm.  That's a long time in the airport!  We tried to change our flight to Hong Kong to a later time but our guide is afraid that if it's delayed or anything happens then there wouldn't be enough time to change flights or take the train to get us to Hong Kong in time to make our flight home.  So we are going to play it safe and go early and sit in the airport forever. It's going to be a long trip home.  I'm not sure what the typhoon will do to our flights.

This will probably be our last post.  We get internet connection on Singapore Air so we might post from the air one more time but I'm not sure when that will be.  See you soon!

(I added pictures to yesterday's post.  I just now got around to it....)


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