Lt. General Harrigian, helping to lead wars against ISIS & Taliban

Friday, April 13, 2018

Lt Gen Jeffrey "Cobra" Harrigian is the U.S. Air Forces Central Command

commander and U.S. Central Command's Combined Forces Air Component

Commander. Harrigian is an Air Force F-15 and F-22 command pilot with more

than 30 years experience, including flying combat missions in Panama (1989),

Desert Storm (1990) and in the F-22A Raptor against ISIS (2016-18). As a

Purple Heart recipient (wounded in 1996 Khobar Towers attack), he

understands the gravity of leading men and women in combat and making

complex decisions with potentially costly outcomes. In his role as commander

of the air war to defeat ISIS and air operations in Afghanistan, the Chicago

native leads approximately 21,000 U.S. and Coalition Airmen and more than

300 aircraft from 20 nations, comprising the world's 12th largest Air Force.

Since assuming command in July 2016, Harrigian has directed operations

through some of the most complex events of the campaign to defeat ISIS,

including the battles to liberate Mosul, Raqqah and all of Iraq, Tomahawk

Land Attack Missile strikes in response to Syrian chemical attacks, the

shoot down of two armed drones and a Syrian fighter in a 12-day span last

June, and defensive airstrikes against an unprovoked attack on our forces in

February 2017 in Southern Syria. Throughout the campaign to defeat ISIS, he

managed the de-confliction of Coalition air operations with Russian and

Syrian aircraft flying in Syria's contested airspace. Most recently, he

oversaw the realignment of airpower to Afghanistan to support the

President's South Asia Strategy and operations to eliminate threats to

Afghanistan's stability and security, including an ongoing deliberate air

campaign targeting Taliban revenue sources and forces.

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