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Secretary Jeh Johnson, former head of Department of Homeland Security

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

There has been a flood of migrants at the southern border which has overwhelmed the immigration system.  There are currently not enough resources to hold those apprehended for the duration of their immigration proceedings.  Immigration courts are severely backlogged with over 800,000 cases pending.  Gangs like MS-13 use our weak borders to gain entry into the country and target unaccompanied minors for recruitment.  300 Americans die every week from heroin and 90 percent of all heroin originates from south of the border.  The amount of fentanyl seized by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in FY 2017 (2,370 pounds) was enough to kill every American citizen by overdose.  The southern border is the main entry point for cocaine entering the United States.  The southern border is used to smuggle firearms, weaponry, and other dangerous materials into the United States.  Last year alone there were nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorist stopped by immigration authorities.  More than 30 percent of women are sexually assaulted on the trek to the border.  Nearly 70 percent of migrants are victims of violence on the journey.  Border Patrol refers an average of 50 cases a day to medical providers.

Is there a crisis on our southern border?  Recently the President declared a national emergency.  The House of Representatives voted against the President’s national emergency at the southern border.

Secretary Jeh Johnson, was Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under President Obama. He  will discuss his unique understanding of these complex issues, share his extensive experience, and if he believes if there is a crisis at our southern border.

Secretary Johnson had 240,000 employees under him, in jobs that ranged from aviation and border security to emergency response, from cybersecurity analyst to chemical facility inspector.

Prior to joining DHS, Secretary Johnson served as General Counsel for the Department of Defense, where he was part of the senior management team and led the more than 10,000 military and civilian lawyers across the Department. As General Counsel of the Defense Department, Secretary Johnson oversaw the development of the legal aspects of many of our nation’s counterterrorism policies, spearheaded reforms to the military commissions system at Guantanamo Bay in 2009, and co-authored the 250-page report that paved the way for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in 2010.

The nation is divided about the President’s announced national emergency.  This will be a rare event with Secretary Johnson who will provide an interesting perspective based on his first-hand experience and expertise. 

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