General Votel, Commander of CENTCOM

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Joseph Votel, is a general who is rarely quoted in the media and has risen to the highest ranks of the military faster than almost any recent commander. 
General Votel is the Combatant Commander of CENTCOM (20 countries including Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan) of some of the most volatile areas on the world where the U.S. has assets and is actively engaged militarily. 
As the former chief of the nation's secretive commando forces (U.S. Special Operations Command), Votel has been closely involved with the kind of missions, often launched by small numbers of Delta, SEAL or other elite forces to hunt down militants, rescue hostages or undertake other risky activities overseas.
On October 19, 2001, Votel led the 75th Ranger Regiment that parachuted into Afghanistan to set up the first U.S. base, Camp Rhino, there.
Votel’s JSOC forces led many high-profiled missions, including taking one the top suspects of the 2012 attacks on U.S. compounds in Libya into custody.
The controversial Turkish President Erdogan accused Votel of siding with the coup plotters.
This is a very rare event with the Combatant Commander of CENTCOM, where there are a number of active conflicts that directly affect the U.S.  General Votel is rarely quoted, and has had one of the fastest rises in the military.
This is a not to be missed event.  Security will be tight.

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